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Starting well 2009...

Remember that this is juat a post of my blog, and it evolves, so to see the full story go to: www.pochoams.blogspot.com (English) or www.sfc-tratamiento.blogspot.com (Spanish)
My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy and biological medicine, significant improvement)
My previous docs: De Meirleir (www.redlabs.be), Dra Quintana (CMD), (Lots of medication, antibiotics etc... no significant improvement)

You can always contact me at carlitos.gonzalez@gmail.com
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Remember that this is juat a post of my blog, and it evolves, so to see the full story go to: www.pochoams.blogspot.com

Dear all

Just to wish you a 2009 full of health, and to let you know that fater having a bad relapse of 2 months, I seem to revocer nicely now, cross my fingers...

The evaluation of 2008 in my case, is a positive one, I have had 8 excellent months from March to October, and then a relapse until very recently after I did the bioresonances in Munich. I can not critizize the technique as such, but at least, I can claim that is did not any good to me, neither clinically nor through lab test.

At this moment I am not taking any supplements, more than Labolife for EBV and CMV. Besides I take Naturalith (zeolites) to detox my colon, and some homeopatic drops for a detected geopathy that I had at home (this is new, and diagnosed by a Kinesiologyst). In 2009 I will take some homeopatic drops for the 22 types of candida he detected as well. But for the time being I am just detoxing with Naturalith. This is what Josepa Rigau (My inmunologist) recommended me at this point. She also adviced to make a Genetic Profile in order to be more accurate in the treatment to follow, given that taking supplements is a good thing, but the right supplements is provided by this analisys. A Genetic profile gives you information on polyformisms that let you know which things you can absorb, and which you can't. Also the medications, supplements, foods, that you can take and the wants you should not because creates toxicity in your liver etc... Once I do this analisys I will post it here to let you know.

I am glad to share with you that I started to feel well again, and I hope it last through 2009, and also wish you do yourselves as well in your road to recovery.

All the best


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